Introducing Recap

Hello from Las Vegas! We’re excited to be exhibiting again at CES as part of Dexcom’s booth. We’re introducing Recap, a new mobile app we’re developing.


“How am I doing?”

It’s amazing how tricky that question can be when it comes to my diabetes control. Yes, I can look at my most recent blood sugar readings to see where I am at any particular moment (the “in the weeds” view). And yes, the A1c blood test I get every 3 months gives me the bigger picture (the “10,000 foot” view). Both are helpful. But if you’re like me, you’re occasionally surprised by an A1c result. Many times I’ve thought I was doing fine, only to find out months later that my control had actually slipped a bit. With my devices generating ~2,000 readings a week, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

And that’s just my blood sugar data. As diabetes patients, we’ve got more than just those readings to track. Medication doses, nutrition, exercise, so much of it’s stored in other devices, other apps, other services.

What I want is to pull all this data together, without having to do any manual data entry. And I don’t need in-depth analysis all the time. First and foremost I just want a quick answer to that “How am I doing?” question. If everything’s on track, great! I’ll get back to the rest of my life. If things aren’t, a heads up lets me address it now instead of waiting months for my next A1c.

A “no-ask” app

Recap provides patients with a new type of perspective on their diabetes control through lightweight analysis reports delivered every Sunday. Each report provides a quick overview of the past week’s readings. It supports a new habit of taking one minute once a week to know how you’re doing.

To get the information for these reports, Recap has no requirement that you enter certain information every day. In fact, there is no way to manually log data with the app. All the readings are imported automatically in the background.

To use Recap, patients will download it, create an account and link to Apple Health. After that, you’re done! We’ll import blood sugar data from glucose monitors such as Dexcom CGMs automatically. We’ll also import your food data from our Meal Memory app. And we’ll be adding support for exercise apps and wearables in the future.

Recap aims to make managing our diabetes numbers a little easier by providing a simpler feedback loop. It will be both simple and scalable, letting users turn on additional features as wanted. Stay tuned for additional updates in the near future. And for any interested diabetes patients who use an iPhone, we invite you to sign up to be a beta tester here. We’d love to get your feedback and help!

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