Auto-linking CGM data to your meals

Meal Memory v1.1 is now available in the App Store! This update includes integration of Apple Health, meaning that your Dexcom CGM data can now be passively added to your meal entries in the background. If you’re a Dexcom user, that means no more manual entry of your blood sugars.

As a patient, I’m really excited about new tools like this built on open data streams. I started Databetes because I wanted an easier way to make sense of all my readings. I enjoy that it takes even less work to save a meal and see its effect on my blood sugar, that the whole process is as easy as taking a picture.

But it’s also nice that I’m now able to get an even clearer understanding of my meal’s effect. Our new system imports 48 readings, compared to 2 in the original version. We redesigned the interface to support all this data. Slide your finger over any data point to see more information.

We’ve decided to keep the photo feed of saved meals as is. It’s a great way to see what you’re eating, as well as get a quick overview of the pre- and post-meal blood sugar readings. The two dots that appear show your reading at┬ámealtime (left) and 2 hours later(right). A black dot means your blood sugar was in range, while blue shows high and red shows low blood sugars.

So how does it work? If you’re a Dexcom Gen4 with Share user, activate the Dexcom Share2 app on your iPhone. In the Accounts tab, enable write access to Apple Health. Then in Meal Memory, enable Health so that we can read the saved blood sugars. After that, simply take a picture of your meal, add an optional carb estimate or notes, then save it. Meal Memory will pull four hours of data (one hour before eating and three hours after) and add it to your entry in the background. It’s that simple!

You may notice that there’s a delay in the readings appearing. Dexcom has instituted a 3 hour delay in saving the readings to Health. But once we have access to them, we begin updating your meal entries.

I hope you’ll give this new version of Meal Memory a try! Feel free to email us from the app with any feedback. We’ve got more great features planned for future versions as well.

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