Databetes at CES

Hello from Las Vegas! Databetes is excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. You can find us at the DexCom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) booth in the Health & Wellness section.


We’re showing off our newly launched Meal Memory iOS app, as well as a coming update that auto-integrates CGM data. DexCom is working to upload patient blood glucose data to the cloud via its Share software. Once CGM data is available, patients using Meal Memory can link their accounts and will no longer need to manually enter blood glucose data. The readings will simply auto-populate in your meal entries. Plus, we’ll be able to provide a more detailed view using dozens of blood sugar readings instead of the current system of 2 readings from before and after eating. Seeing the effects of a meal on your blood sugar will literally be as easy as taking a picture of your food.

These are exciting times for the patient community!¬†Great things are possible when patients have open access to their medical data. We’re glad to see DexCom responding to the wishes of their customers to store their readings in the cloud. Data access means we can deliver better, easier to use tools to help you manage your diabetes. Stay tuned for further updates.







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