Meal Memory for iOS now available!

Meal Memory for iOS

We’re excited to announce that Meal Memory for iOS is now available in the App Store! You can download it here.

Meal Memory makes it as easy to log a meal and understand its effects on your blood sugar.┬áThose familiar with this app will notice a few small changes. We’ve added a Notes field, giving patients a way to document the details of a meal and leave messages to themselves.

We’re also using a new palette for color-coding blood sugar readings as high, in range or low. These colors make it easier to spot meals that proved challenging to manage. These changes are based on our experience designing the poster of my year of self-tracking. The logic of having high blood sugars as cold colors and low blood sugars as warm colors was effective. Red effectively highlights low blood sugars as the most pressing concern for patients.

Looking past this week’s launch, we’re already planning the next version of Meal Memory that will auto-integrate medical ┬ádevice data. We know self-tracking is helpful to patients managing their diabetes. We’re always looking for opportunities to make the process easier, faster and more rewarding. Stay tuned for these new features! We’re hopeful that 2015 will be an exciting year.

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