Databetes in the news

We’re lucky to have received some great coverage recently, beginning with a feature by Leo Brown on the diabetes blog A Sweet Life. Leo is also very interested in nutrition, so it made for a lively discussion of our goals in this area (including our Meal Memory app). I always learn something new by talking with other diabetes patients and learning about their approach to food. Many of the diabetics I’ve met with the best control are very focused on nutrition and making the adjustments needed to maintain good blood sugar control. It takes a lot of will power, but certainly pays dividends.

I also spoke with Christopher Snider for an episode of his Just Talking podcast. Chris writes the wonderful ToBeSugarfree blog and is also a member of the Stanford MedicineX ePatient Advisory Board. I’m looking forward to meeting him in person this Fall. He’s been a great advocate for the diabetes patient community.

Finally, thanks to the folks at for featuring me as a Superhuman on their blog. Human is a great app with a simple, powerful goal of inspiring patients to move a minimum of 30 minutes a day. All the data is tracked passively and requires no additional tracker. Check it out!

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