Philly Marathon training

This past weekend, I finished a 20 mile run. This marks the peak of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon! I’m glad that the distances will be tapering down between now and race day on Nov. 18.

The run itself went well. After a sluggish 19-miler two weeks before, I was glad to bounce back with more energy and a better pace. Most importantly, I am glad to have no injuries at this point in the training. I have gone into both my previous marathons injured, so staying healthy remains a key goal for me.

My blood sugar remained relatively under control for this run. With longer distances lately, I have noticed that often my blood sugar will be ok the first two hours of running. But my reduced basal rate, combined with drinking Gatorade along the way will cause it to spike in the third hour. This last run, I skipped the Gatorade and instead had a second gel instead. I use the Hammer Nutrition brand because they use more natural ingredients than other brands. At about 22g of carbs, once an hour works pretty well to both give me an energy boost but not knock my blood sugars too high (compared to 34g of carbs in a bottle of Gatorade). I also have been eating a banana about a half hour before starting a run. It’s tricky to get the timing right since you don’t want to get going with too much food in your stomach. Nonetheless, low blood sugars during a run causes me more anxiety than high blood sugars. General nervousness will probably be another factor on race day, causing blood sugars to spike. But I’ll be on the lookout for that this time.

I’m excited to be taking part in an Insulindependence event the night before the race in Philly. IN, as they refer to themselves, is great in connecting athletic patients with diabetes. The Philadelphia Marathon is one of their regional events, so hopefully I will get a chance to chat with several other T1Ds. IN excels because it is made up of so many dedicated, driven and proactive patients looking to stay healthy.¬†Looking forward to it!

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