MapMyRun problems

I have grown increasingly frustrated with the MapMyRun iPhone app. For the first half of this year, I used RunKeeper to track my exercise. I switched to MapMyRun on July 1. I wanted to give each app half a year and do a comparison later. But given how disappointing the results have been recently, I am switching back to RunKeeper.

The main problem I am having is such an oddly simple one. MapMyRun is often calculating inaccurate total times for my exercise. A few examples are below. Today, it notes a start time of 7:58 and a completion time of 8:40. Duration according to the app? 24 minutes. My previous run on Saturday has a start time of 7:10 and a completion time of 8:27. Duration according to the app? 32 minutes. Looking back through the results, I see this error creeping up again and again and again. My phone is on my arm during runs with the screen locked, so there is no way that the pause button is getting hit.

I see no point in continuing to use this app when I was perfectly happy with RunKeeper. Neither app is perfect, especially since so much of the functionality relies on the phone’s hardware and GPS connection strength. Regardless, I see no reason why MapMyRun cannot calculate a length of time between when I hit “Start” and “End.”

In other exercise-related self-tracking news, I have been having problems with my new Nike Fuelband. After the glowing review in my last post, things have gone sour with the device. It stopped working completely 2 weeks ago (only 3 weeks after I started using it). It simply stopped syncing with my computer. It kept insisting that I update the driver, but the driver update failed every time.

To their credit, Nike’s customer service was very responsive. They quickly replied to my e-mails. They then forwarded me on to phone support to get a replacement device, which showed up about a week later.

As a result of this change, I lost about 3 days of data and have a gap in my recorded data. I tried to syncing the new device to the official Nike mobile app over Bluetooth, but this failed just as it had for the first device. And today, I am even having problems signing in to Clearly some technical issues to be worked out there with both the hardware and the software. But I’m willing to give them another chance. I still think the product is a good one (assuming these bugs get worked out soon).

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