2012: Halfway There

It being July, we am glad to now be halfway through 2012 and halfway through gathering data for my Databetes 2012 thesis project. Since Jan. 1, I have been recording every type of data related to my diabetes. That includes blood sugar readings, insulin dosages, A1c readings, exercise, meals, drinks and more.

Data aggregation is still a tedious task for patients with diabetes. Device manufacturers still design proprietary systems that do not play nice with their competitors. In the end, patients suffer because they cannot get all their readings in one place. This makes it difficult to design improved analysis software to spot trends and offer proactive notifications.

Beyond the essential medical readings, I also believe that it would be helpful to have additional information to give medical data more real-life context. This would make it easier for patients to manage all this information, understand how they are doing and make more intelligent decisions.

Instead of getting held up by the current challenges with aggregation, I have decided to move past it and focus on other pieces to the puzzle. I am convinced that if patients had a complete set of data, they could improve their health. But few people have spent much time on what a future patient data system will look like or how it will work. That is the focus of this project. I do not expect others to adopt the same approach to aggregating their data because it is quite time-consuming. But I do believe a better solution will result in more patients becoming interested in making optimal use of their data to improve their health.

As we continue development of Databetes, we are using my medical data as the first test case for this new type of solution.

My January readings line the walls.

We are also studying existing products on the market, both in the diabetes sector and other data-intensive services.

Screenshots of iPhone applications relevant to the diabetes space.

We look forward to showing you our progress in the coming months!

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