A New Personal Best (A1c)

I recently got a quarterly check-up and A1c. I was quite interested in seeing the results since I have begun this project and been so focused on my data. My A1c has stayed at 6.4 for the last few years. That has been my best result ever. For about the last decade, it has slowly dropped from about the 6.7 range.

So I was quite shocked and excited to get a result of 5.6! Not only is it my best ever, but it is a significant drop in 3 months. In addition to a close focus on my data, I think a low-carb diet was also helpful. In particular, I have been trying to my lunchtime insulin dosages from the 7.5 u range down closer to 2.5 u. I’ve seen much less of a spike in blood sugars in the early afternoon as a result.

It’s also obviously been helpful to be running a lot lately. I’ve made a weekend long run of 10-13 miles my norm and tried to get in another 2-3 5 mile runs during the week. It’s been helpful in lowering my insulin pump basal rates and also given me a lot of energy.

With the exercise and diet changes, I was also able to drop 12 lbs. and drop my cholesterol over 20%. Hopefully I can maintain and build on these successes.

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