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Introducing Recap

Hello from Las Vegas! We’re excited to be exhibiting again at CES as part of Dexcom’s booth. We’re introducing Recap, a new mobile app we’re developing. “How am I doing?” It’s amazing how tricky that question can be when it … Continue reading

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Auto-linking CGM data to your meals

Meal Memory v1.1 is now available in the App Store! This update includes integration of Apple Health, meaning that your Dexcom CGM data can now be passively added to your meal entries in the background. If you’re a Dexcom user, … Continue reading

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Databetes at CES

Hello from Las Vegas! Databetes is excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. You can find us at the DexCom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) booth in the Health & Wellness section. We’re showing off our newly launched … Continue reading

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Two days on a closed loop system

A few weeks ago, I completed a closed loop clinical trial at┬áMontefiore Medical Center in the Bronx. During two visits, all my insulin dosages were calculated and delivered automatically by a Medtronic system analyzing my blood sugar data. It was … Continue reading

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Catching Up: ITP Thesis & Quantified Self

The last few months have been rather hectic here in NY and I’ve fallen behind on posting. But I wanted to give a quick update on my work with Databetes. In May, I wrapped up my graduate studies at NYU’s … Continue reading

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Blood sugar volatility analysis using R

I have just posted on my other blog about my data analysis of the volatility within a month’s worth of CGM readings. Using R, I wanted to explore ways of judging readings by methods other than just average daily blood … Continue reading

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Insulin on Board data visualization

I’ve recently completed my most recent data visualization called Insulin on Board. I looked at 100 days of blood sugar and insulin data to see whether a low-carb diet was effective in keeping my blood sugars in range. To see … Continue reading

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Carb Loading before a 14 mile run

In preparation for a 14 mile run on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I broke from my normal low-carb diet the night before and decided to carb load. The week before, I had lost energy the last few … Continue reading

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Databetes 7729

This is a data visualization I produced during the Fall 2011 term at ITP. I used 7729 readings from my Dexcom 7 CGM (continuous glucose monitor) from November, 2011. I created it using Processing,┬áthen generated a PDF showing the entire … Continue reading

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A New Year, A New Project

Happy New Year, everyone! I am starting this blog to document a new, year-long project related to Databetes, the company I have founded. Throughout the year, I am recording all my diabetes-related data in an effort to improve my type-1 … Continue reading

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