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Blood sugar volatility analysis using R

I have just posted on my other blog about my data analysis of the volatility within a month’s worth of CGM readings. Using R, I wanted to explore ways of judging readings by methods other than just average daily blood … Continue reading

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American Diabetes Association Philadelphia session

Last weekend, I headed to Philly for the ADA’s 72nd Scientific Sessions. It was my first time attending an ADA event and I found it quite interesting. Throughout the day there were speeches on all the major topics, with researchers … Continue reading

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“Ready to Start”

As part of my grad school work at ITP, I recently completed a project called “Ready to Start” for my Collective Storytelling class. “Ready to Start” tells the stories of athlete’s first long-distance race, be it a marathon or a … Continue reading

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Insulin on Board data visualization

I’ve recently completed my most recent data visualization called Insulin on Board. I looked at 100 days of blood sugar and insulin data to see whether a low-carb diet was effective in keeping my blood sugars in range. To see … Continue reading

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A New Personal Best (A1c)

I recently got a quarterly check-up and A1c. I was quite interested in seeing the results since I have begun this project and been so focused on my data. My A1c has stayed at 6.4 for the last few years. … Continue reading

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Carb Loading before a 14 mile run

In preparation for a 14 mile run on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I broke from my normal low-carb diet the night before and decided to carb load. The week before, I had lost energy the last few … Continue reading

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Dexcom Error: “???”

I am a big fan of my Dexcom in most ways. The majority of the time, I find it to be extremely accurate. I am frustrated by the physical design of the receiver. I am shocked that the device is … Continue reading

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A New Year, A New Project

Happy New Year, everyone! I am starting this blog to document a new, year-long project related to Databetes, the company I have founded. Throughout the year, I am recording all my diabetes-related data in an effort to improve my type-1 … Continue reading

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